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Finding inspiration – ‘when I have made a number of exploratory sketches of my subject it begins to get clearer which aspects interest me most. However, sometimes it is not just the doodles that inspire me in a particular direction. Other factors can also play role in the creative process. I may be influenced by another artist’s work, a place I have recently visited, a colour combination seen in a fabric, the weather, or the mood I happen to be in. All facts in life have the potential to affect the development of a painting and inspiration can be gained from many varied sources. My artist’s antennae are at work searching ideas and inspiration all the time, not just when I enter my studio…’ Ann Blockley
My antennae are also at work all the time… it’s the question of visual thinking, thinking with the right side of the brain, it’s a great happiness to be able to use your both sides of the brain and to connect verbal with visual worlds in your mind, these both systems are equal partners and their cooperation activates human creativity… feeling very inspired today… thank you life!

Ja inspiratsioon tuligi ja maalisin roosa roosi juugend stiilis. Ma armastan neid murtud roosasid toone.  Ning neid vorme, mis justkui iseenesest ringis tekivad. Maalimiseks kasutasin akvarelltinte ja akvarellviltpliiatseid. Pebeo tindid vastavalt siis cyclamen, pink madder, parma, cobalt blue, dark yellow, sepia ja moss green. Art and GraphicTwin viltpliiatsid brown, dark pink ja pale rose.

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