The blue painting was a little opposite mood for the red painting inspired by the blue flowers which grow around the schoolhouse and on the nearby fields. The colours used were: ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, golden yellow, prussian blue. The painting was done in wet-in-wet and some details were added in dry in detail painting manner.

  • lemon yellow came in and helped us through the fear of an empty page creating light and open environment for the blue colour to come in and shine
  • ultramarine came in and bravely suggested the position of blue flowers making dots by holding a vertical brush
  • golden yellow came in and was painted a bit around the flower-buds and suggesting some leaves and action around the flowers
  • prussian blue came in and made up some leaves and stems mixing with yellows from the down part of the painting moving upwards to the light
  • if wished – some tiny little something could be added by using red colours – some dots, some deep shadows etc. changing the greens toward the warmer tones and so on – if wished:))

When wet-in-wet background had dried some flowers were made more concrete by adding some free brushstrokes with ultramarine pale blue, the stems and little details on the stems were added. Grass painting technique in Japanese sumie-suibokuga style was introduced – painting with free brushstrokes brush hold vertical.

Landscapes that inspired us: