The red painting we did together was done in wet-in-wet. The colours we used were: ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, vermilion light red, carmine red and prussian blue.

  • ultramarine blue came lightly in to make up the air of the painting and to create some moist for the red to bloom.
  • lemon yellow came in to create some warm light as the Sun warms the flowers and brings out their colours
  • vermilion red came in to add some warmth and was painted pale in some places connected to ultramarine and lemon yellow
  • carmine red came in to add some deepness and power to red
  • prussian blue came in to add some shadow and darkness
When wet-in-wet painting had dried the delicate suggestions of flowers were added. Flowers were painted in detail painting manner – just a few to get the feeling of a field of poppies not making the painting to look heavy and full of flowers. Colours used: vermilion and carmine red and a little ultramarine blue for the flowers and ultramarine blue and lemon yellow for the stems and buds. Remember the stem painting technique!